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About us

About Us:

L’Switch is a luxury hair extension company founded by hairdresser to the stars Adee Phelan.

L’Switch is Adee’s first ever hair extension range. The name L’Switch originates from the first recorded hair extensions used in ancient Egypt, which were referred to as  “Switches”.  Using the latest I-Weft technology Adee has redefined the hair extension game, bringing us back to the 21st century.  He has dedicated the last 20 years to mastering the art of hair and extensions, working on countless photo shoots, gracing some of the most prestigious covers of editorial magazines and conducting seminars in over 30 different countries.  Recognising that some brands are falsely advertising their extensions as 100% natural virgin hair, Adee went on a 18-month long quest across the globe in search for the best product on the market from the trustworthiest supplier.  His goal was to produce excellent quality hair in the most stunning colours, but at a competitive price. All L’Switch professional and consumer hair is exactly what it says on the box; the highest quality, 100% natural, AAAAA grade, luxury Remy hair.


Express Clip-Ins:

Adee believes that the best hair extensions are those that discretely, but beautifully enhance the look of your hair. This is why our seamless Express clip-in hair extensions have a polyurethane weft and silk binding, which lies flatter than paper and is virtually invisible. Both our Four Piece Booster Set and Multi-Switch one piece can be easily applied at home. All it takes is a slight teasing of the root and they are simply clicked into place. You can adjust the placement to wherever you think you need it. This range is ideal for those who do not want to commit to semi-permanent extensions, but still want to look glamorous on a night out. These extensions are flat, flexible and waterproof, allowing you to feel confident with your new luscious locks.


The L’Switch Salon Professional line:

The Salon Professional line caters to industry professionals and salon owners. It is luxury editorial hair that you would expect to see on the catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York. This line includes the Tape-In and Keratin I-Tip extensions, which also uses a special I-Weft modern technology, that looks completely natural when worn. It comes in 32 gorgeous colours in single tone, fusion and bayalage. Although we sell a colour wheel we have strived to create a stunning user friendly website, which accurately represents the colours and the quality of the hair. With that said, industry professionals are able to browse colours with their clients at a simple click of a button. 

Traditional extensions that use glue and bonds can be extremely damaging to the hair. When applied by a professional, the L’Switch Salon Professional range causes absolutely no damage to your natural hair. If maintained correctly and washed using only a sulphate free conditioner, these reusable extensions will last 6 months or more.


L’Switch E-Synth Hair:

The E-Synth Hair range is our most affordable one-piece clip-in. Made from the latest technology in synthetic heat resistant hair, this piece can withstand a temperature of 375˚F (190˚C). Straightened or curled, it is a popular choice for those wanting to turn heads for a fraction of the price.


Why Buy L’Switch Hair?

We know there are many brands out there that sell good hair extensions, but truthfully we don’t. We sell great hair extensions. In fact, Adee’s extensive industry experience (20 years to be exact), merged with Olivia Buckland’s keen creative eye for trends, makes these extensions the best and coolest available on the market.

The main ethos behind L’Switch is “consistency is KEY”. Our products are closely monitored, as we carry out quality checks at every step of the production process. Just to be 100% sure you’re receiving the best, we even individually photograph each piece before it is posted to you. Your satisfaction is paramount, so if you are unsure about which colour suits your hair, we offer a Colour Matching Service to ensure you receive the best possible match. We want you to feel the best, have the best and look the best or as Adee would put it, “too cool for cats”.